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This means that silver-containing products can be used in short-term treatment.

The classic example of anecdotal evidence that is vastly different from scientific research is colloidal silver. Remember that oral colloidal Silver is not a product that has been approved by the FDA.

These particles could be more easily absorbed into your cells, and may even cross the blood-brain barrier. They are therefore considered to be a potential health risk ((6)).

A 2018 Iranian study concluded that silver nanoparticles in a topical cream could reduce inflammation and speed up skin's regrowth.

The body doesn't naturally produce silver, so it isn’t a vitamin and mineral. It doesn't matter if you don't have enough silver, or if you aren't getting enough.

You may also experience localized argyria if it is used on open wounds (18).

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Colloid silver users may not experience side effects immediately. These concerns are more about the long-term effects of colloidal silver usage, as the particles slowly accumulate in tissues and organs.

Companies that claim colloidal silver can cure diseases like cancer and HIV without clinical evidence are lying. There are other safe ways to stay healthy, prevent disease and recover from illness.

It is not known what the real risks are of ingesting nanoparticles that may be found in colloidal silver products.

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rosacea colloidal silver

This can eventually lead to permanent disfiguring conditions called argyria, where tissues become bluish-gray. First are the gums, then skin, eyes and nails. Myoclonic seizures, fatigue, headaches, and fatigue may also be common.

You should make sure it doesn't interfere with any prescriptions if you decide to give colloidal silver a try. You should seek the advice of a healthcare professional before you apply topical treatment. Do not exceed the recommended dosing levels set forth by the EPA.

Colloid silver can increase your risk of developing an argyria condition. It is also possible to inhale silver nanoparticles that may be found in colloidal silver solutions.

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While it is not clear what toxic silver can do to internal organs of the body, animal studies have shown that excessive levels can cause problems with the kidney and liver functions, the central nervous system to malfunction, and stimulate the release calcium from the bones. Although it is not clear how silver affects reproduction and pregnancy, research by the National Toxicology Program indicates that silver does not cause cancer.

Stop using colloidal silver immediately if you have any side effects, including nausea and skin discoloration.

It is safer to apply colloidal silver to your skin than to ingest it. If the solution is very small, it may be absorbed through your skin (17).

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ringworm colloidal silver

Numerous studies have examined the effects of silver-containing dressings on wounds and skin ulcers. Many studies have shown that silver particles can be used to treat skin conditions such as diabetic ulcers, skin lesions, skin grafts and bed sores.

The EPA has created a dosing reference chart that suggests that you shouldn't consume more than 5 micrograms of silver per kilogram. This applies to oral, topical and environmental.

Colloid silver products are probably not a good idea due to the potential risks and lack of evidence.

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However, this does not mean that silver has no health benefits. Colloidal silver can be applied topically to the skin to aid in healing and prevent infection.

The most popular commercial form of colloidal silver is a liquid tincture. It is available in most health food stores. You can also buy it as a powder for your skin. Some people make their own colloidal gold at home using a special machine.

The composition of colloidal silver products is subject to variation, and their effects can also vary.