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over-the-counter drug products containing colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts for internal or external use are not generally recognized as safe and effective and are misbranded...products containing colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts are being marketed for numerous serious disease conditions and FDA is not aware of any substantial scientific evidence that supports the use of over-the-counter colloidal silver or ingredients or silver salts for these disease conditions.4(p44653)

Is colloidal silver good for your immune system? Is it safe to use every day? Keep reading if you're considering using colloidal silver.

It is still not clear how colloidal silver works. It is believed that silver can bind with bacteria cells, damaging their DNA and causing cell death.

24 different liquids ingestible containing colloidal gold were listed on the first page. Only products that had at least 10 reviews from consumers were considered for analysis. These criteria resulted in 12 colloidal-silver products that had combined 606 customer reviews (mean, 50.5 reviews per product). These 12 products received a mean consumer rating of 4.38 out of a maximum of 5.

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The effects of colloidal Silver depend on the size and shape, as well the concentration of the silver particles in the solution (5, 6).

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It is alarming that colloidal silver solution is available as a personal and health care product. Online marketplaces make colloidal silver easy to find. Consumers can also be influenced by positive product reviews. It is vital that patients' medical histories include information about prescriptions, dietary supplements, as well as complementary and alternative medicines. Argyria is the most frequent adverse reaction to long-term colloidal Silver ingestion. Patients should be warned against long-term colloidal silver ingestion. This will prevent skin discoloration from worsening and the development of kidney, liver, and neurologic problems.4 The FDA warning of 16 years ago should also be reiterated. It is possible that colloidal silver could be added to the Unapproved Drugs Initiative.

Colloidal silver, which is a commercially available product that contains tiny flakes of pure gold, can be sold. The flakes are usually suspended in demineralized or other liquids. This product is intended for oral consumption.

It is important to note that not all colloidal silver products can be used in the same way and could have dangerous side effects.

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que es colloidal silver

Silver has been used for medicinal purposes since the eighth century ce. It is still being used today. The skin discoloration caused by argyria is not well understood.

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The way in which commercially available colloidal solutions are made can be very different.

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The FDA responded in 1999 to widespread use of colloidal Silver as a treatment for many conditions.

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When silver particles come in contact with moisture (e.g. body fluids), they release silver ions.

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qa colloidal silver

The FDA warned that colloidal silver is still available from at least two major online retailers. It is being promoted as a dietary supplement to improve health. has a colloidal silver-containing liquid product that claims it can eliminate toxins, poisons, and fungi from the body and will keep your system's defenses high against viruses and toxins (both quotes from

The antibacterial and topical wound dressing properties of colloidal silver are often praised. It is claimed that it can speed up the healing process, cure colds faster, and even treat HIV or cancer.

They are the "biologically active" portion of colloidal silver, which gives it its medicinal properties (4-7-8).

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On June 13, 2014, searched the term colloidal sulfide to see if it was available. This search returned 2286 different colloidal-silver products. The search was restricted to products that were listed under the health and personal care section, which resulted in 1010 products. This limited the search results to liquid colloidal products. 149 products were found. Only these ingestible liquid coloidal silver products were examined. The search results were sorted according to relevance and not by rating.

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Larger numbers of small particles have a larger surface area than smaller ones. Therefore, solutions that contain more silver nanoparticles (which have smaller particles size) may release more silverions.