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Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on Dr. Oz's 2013 show to discuss how she keeps her family and herself happy and healthy. She said that colloidal silver was one her four wellness tips. She sprays it on her tongue and on plane seats to prevent viruses. Oz agreed that this has tons of data. He had apparently forgotten about the blue man he was doubting. Oz shared with Paltrow that he uses colloidal Silver as a daily throat spray and so do his children. He said, "This was my first antibiotic."

Silver taken by mouth is not recommended. Colloid silver can buildup in your tissues and cause grayish-colored skin and mucous membranes. This is the sign of an illness called argyria.

Numerous studies have shown that silver nanoparticles can be used to kill viruses (13).

The colloidal silver solutions proved to be problematic as well. It is difficult to monitor and analyze the amount of silver ionized. Patients don't know how much active or inactive silver they are ingesting. This can render it useless or make it so potent that it causes argyria. The medical establishment abandoned colloidal silver and moved to safer and more efficient uses of silver such as as a wound dressing or an infection-fighting component to joint replacements. Modern colloidal silver products have no antimicrobial properties, and most bacteria was left unaffected (even after six minutes).

Clinical trials continue to examine the efficacy of oral colloidal and topical silver nanoparticles.

This has led to its inclusion in certain healthcare products, such as wound dressings, creams, and medical equipment (7, 11, 13).

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For centuries, silver was used in medicine. It was touted as a cure for everything from arthritis and tuberculosis to herpes and even cancer. Many alternative practitioners still believe colloidal silver has health benefits, supporting immune function and treating severe infections.

However, the FDA issued a press statement in 1999 stating that there was not enough evidence to support a clear health benefit from colloidal silver. There are some risks that colloidal silver can pose.

Due to the potential risks of ingesting colloidal Silver, it has not been proven effective as an antibacterial treatment for humans (12).

quantum colloidal silver
que es el colloidal silver

que es el colloidal silver

However, colloidal silver was never sold on drugstore shelves. The FDA banned the sale of colloidal silver-containing OTC drugs in 1999. In practice, this means that it is now a supplement to a medication and not a drug.

Colloid silver may prevent you from getting an antibiotic for a bacterial problem. This means that you might feel sicker for longer if you take silver.

But, colloidal silver is not able to treat fungal infections in humans because it can be killed by many things in a laboratory.

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Since ancient times, silver has been a preferred defense against infection. Pliny, the Elder, reported in AD78 that silver slag (the gunk from smelting of silver) "has healing properties as a component in plasters." Cyrus, the Great, who ruled Persia between 550 and 529 BC, kept his health by only drinking boiled water in silver flagons. Herodotus claims that King Cyrus was accompanied by mule-drawn wagons carrying silver urns. Silver nitrate was popularized by monks during the Middle Ages to treat burns and ulcers. It is a salt that reacts silver with nitric acids. These were much better than other premodern health tips. Scientists discovered that silver does indeed have germ-fighting capabilities. Scientists have made some assumptions about the mechanism that silver attacks bacteria cells, though it is still not clear. Silver is most toxic for microbes when it's in its ionized state--AG+. This is the same as silver nitrates. It seems to activate important microbial enzymes, and possibly cause problems with DNA replication.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), warns that colloidal silver users may be at risk for their long-term health if they take a product that doesn’t promote healing or immunity.

There have been no studies on the effects of colloidal silver consumption on viruses in humans, so there is not much evidence to support this use.

colloidal silver ringworm
colloidal silver reviews

colloidal silver reviews

Blossom, who has a different media diet, keeps colloidal silver on hand. It is mostly used to treat cuts and scrapes for her dog and herself. She says it works "incredibly well and quickly." It's been my go-to product for many years. Javier believes that the best thing for her health is not to listen to the FDA's warnings, but to trust her intuitions and do her research. Blossom states, "I don’t subscribe to the FDA, nor to the general opinion of the medical community." "I don’t believe they are pure in what they intend."

The absorption of certain drugs can also be affected by colloidal silver. These drugs include thyroid deficiency medication and antibiotics.

There is currently little evidence that colloidal silver can be used as a topical antifungal agent.

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Colloid silver is being promoted as a treatment for many health issues. It contains tiny silver particles suspended in liquid. Although it is usually taken orally most people use it to treat a variety of health problems. Some products can be sprayed on the skin or injected into a vein.

Agyria can't be reversed. Argyria is not dangerous by itself and is considered "medically benign". Any skin discoloration is not a pleasant side effect.

The amount of nanoparticles present in a colloid solution may vary. A recent study showed that colloidal silver was ineffective in killing viruses even under test-tube conditions (9).