Colloidal Silver Burns

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The absorption of certain drugs can also be affected by colloidal silver. These drugs include thyroid deficiency medication and antibiotics.

Numerous studies have shown that silver nanoparticles can be used to kill viruses (13).

The body might absorb less antibiotics from colloidal silver. Some antibiotics may be less effective if colloidal silver is taken with them. Coloidal silver can interact with some antibiotics, including ciprofloxacin(Cipro), Penetrex (enoxacin), norfloxacin [Chibroxin Noroxin], sparfloxacin (“Zagam”), trovafloxacin (“Trovan”) and grepafloxacin “Raxar”).

Pregnant and nursing mothers who are considering colloidal silver as an option to other cold and flu medications should remember that there has never been a trial to prove it safe for their baby. If something isn't safe to use, it can't be recommended.

The antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties of colloidal silver are claimed. There is no evidence to support the claims of colloidal silver's health benefits.

Colloidal silver is a suspension made up of small silver particles suspended in a liquid. Silver compounds can be used externally to treat or prevent infections. However, colloidal silver has been popularized as an alternative medicine. Although it is promoted as a treatment for diabetes and cancer, there is no evidence that it works in humans. Silver is not necessary for normal body function. The denatured proteins caused by silver can cause many enzymes to lose their effectiveness.

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Some silver-containing ointments can be applied to the skin and have some health benefits. Topical silver has the following health benefits:

There is currently little evidence that colloidal silver can be used as a topical antifungal agent.

Silver can cause skin to turn gray-black or bluish-gray over time if taken long-term. It can also cause seizures or kidney damage. Colloid silver can cause harm to the foetus and should be avoided by pregnant women.

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purest colloidal silver

Clinical trials continue to examine the efficacy of oral colloidal and topical silver nanoparticles.

There have been no studies on the effects of colloidal silver consumption on viruses in humans, so there is not much evidence to support this use.

The body might absorb less tetracycline antibiotics if it is supplemented with colloidal silver. The effectiveness of tetracycline anti-biotics could be decreased if you take colloidal silver along with it. This interaction can be avoided by taking colloidal silver 2 hours or 4 hours prior to or after taking tetracyclines. There are a few tetracyclines that can be used, including minocycline and declomycin (Declomycin), as well as tetracycline and Achromycin.

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Colloid silver may prevent you from getting an antibiotic for a bacterial problem. This means that you might feel sicker for longer if you take silver.

But, colloidal silver is not able to treat fungal infections in humans because it can be killed by many things in a laboratory.

Penicillamine can be used to treat Wilson's disease or rheumatoidarthritis. The effectiveness of penicillamine may be decreased by colloidal silver.

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colloidal silver plus

Agyria can't be reversed. Argyria is not dangerous by itself and is considered "medically benign". Any skin discoloration is not a pleasant side effect.

A lack of studies has also been done on the effects colloidal silver consumption on fungal infections in people.

The body might absorb less levothyroxine from colloidal silver. The effectiveness of thyroxine might be decreased if you take levothyroxine with colloidal silver.

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Silver taken by mouth is not recommended. Colloid silver can buildup in your tissues and cause grayish-colored skin and mucous membranes. This is the sign of an illness called argyria.

The amount of nanoparticles present in a colloid solution may vary. A recent study showed that colloidal silver was ineffective in killing viruses even under test-tube conditions (9).

The use of colloidal silver can not cure cancer, AIDS or diabetes. Too much colloidal silver can cause skin discoloration, seizures and kidney damage.