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colloidal silver uses and benefits

The risks involved in ingesting coloidal silver have been deemed unacceptable (12).

No sound scientific studies supporting these claims have been published in medical journals. In the USA, the Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration took action against several companies that made unproven health claims.

Many colloidal silver products were taken off the shelves of drugstores following the FDA ruling. However, they are now rebranded as dietary supplement or homeopathic remedies.

This has resulted in its use in some healthcare products such as wound creams, dressings, and medical equipment (7-11).

Colloidal silver may reduce the amount of tetracycline that your body can absorb. Colloidal silver may decrease the effectiveness of Tetracycline Antibiotics. Take colloidal silver at least two hours before or four after you take tetracyclines to avoid any interaction. Declomycin (Declomycin), minocycline, and tetracycline are some examples of tetracyclines.

Many colloidal silver manufacturers claim that their products can stimulate the immune system and help the body heal. The supplement is believed to aid in wound healing and improve skin conditions. It can also prevent or treat diseases such as flu, pneumonia, eye infections, shingles and AIDS.

colloidal silver uses for skin

Many studies suggest that different types and sizes of silver nanoparticles might be effective in killing viral compounds (13).

Colloidal silver could also interact with prescription drugs, such as penicillamine, Depen, quinolone antibiotics, tetracycline, and levothyroxine.

For centuries, silver was used in medicine. It was touted as a cure for everything from arthritis and tuberculosis to herpes and even cancer. Many alternative practitioners still believe colloidal silver has health benefits, supporting immune function and treating severe infections.

colloidal silver uses for skin
colloidal silver usage

colloidal silver usage

We don't know the exact mechanism of colloidal silver. Silver can be thought to bind to bacteria cells and cause damage to their DNA. This could lead them all dying.

Colloidal silver may decrease the amount of levothyroxine that the body absorbs. It is possible for thyroxine to be less effective if taken with colloidal or levothyroxine.

Blossom, who has a different media diet, keeps colloidal silver on hand. It is mostly used to treat cuts and scrapes for her dog and herself. She says it works "incredibly well and quickly." It's been my go-to product for many years. Javier believes that the best thing for her health is not to listen to the FDA's warnings, but to trust her intuitions and do her research. Blossom states, "I don’t subscribe to the FDA, nor to the general opinion of the medical community." "I don’t believe they are pure in what they intend."

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However, nanoparticles can be present in different colloid solutions. Recent research has shown that colloidal Silver is ineffective at killing viruses in test tubes (9).

Penicillamine is used in the treatment of Wilson's Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Colloidal silver may decrease the amount of penicillamine that your body absorbs, and reduce its effectiveness.

Colloid silver is being promoted as a treatment for many health issues. It contains tiny silver particles suspended in liquid. Although it is usually taken orally most people use it to treat a variety of health problems. Some products can be sprayed on the skin or injected into a vein.

uk colloidal silver
colloidal silver uti dosage

colloidal silver uti dosage

It is unknown if colloidal silver has any effect on viruses, and there have not been any studies.

The amount of antibiotics the body absorbs might be decreased by colloidal silver. Colloidal silver may decrease the effectiveness of certain antibiotics if taken in combination with other antibiotics. Colloidal silver may interact with some antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin, enoxacin and Penetrex, norfloxacin -Chibroxin Noroxin, sparfloxacin -Zagam, trovafloxacin –Trovan, and grepafloxacin –Raxar.

The body does not know what colloidal silver is, despite claims to the contrary. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ruled that colloidal silver products are neither safe nor effective in 1999 and sued several manufacturers for false claims of health.

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Although many things can kill fungi, it doesn't necessarily mean that colloidal Silver can treat fungal infections.

Silver can build up in your body when taken by mouth. The silver can build up in your body over many months and years. This can lead to a blue-gray discoloration on your skin, eyes, and internal organs. Doctors refer to this as argyria (ahr JIR'e-uh). It is often permanent. Rarely, however, colloidal silver can have serious side effects such as seizures and damage to the organs.

Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on Dr. Oz's 2013 show to discuss how she keeps her family and herself happy and healthy. She said that colloidal silver was one her four wellness tips. She sprays it on her tongue and on plane seats to prevent viruses. Oz agreed that this has tons of data. He had apparently forgotten about the blue man he was doubting. Oz shared with Paltrow that he uses colloidal Silver as a daily throat spray and so do his children. He said, "This was my first antibiotic."