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This allows silver ions into cells. There they can interfer with bacteria's metabolic processes, and damage their DNA. The cell then dies.

Supplements containing colloidal gold are not safe or effective to support any health claims that manufacturers make. Silver is not known to have any medical purpose. It's not essential.

24 different liquids ingestible containing colloidal gold were listed on the first page. Only products that had at least 10 reviews from consumers were considered for analysis. These criteria resulted in 12 colloidal-silver products that had combined 606 customer reviews (mean, 50.5 reviews per product). These 12 products received a mean consumer rating of 4.38 out of a maximum of 5.

But, colloidal silver products may cause serious side effects if they aren't standardized.

Many colloidal silver supplement manufacturers promote their products by claiming silver can boost the immune systems, fight infection and treat disease.

It is alarming that colloidal silver solution is available as a personal and health care product. Online marketplaces make colloidal silver easy to find. Consumers can also be influenced by positive product reviews. It is vital that patients' medical histories include information about prescriptions, dietary supplements, as well as complementary and alternative medicines. Argyria is the most frequent adverse reaction to long-term colloidal Silver ingestion. Patients should be warned against long-term colloidal silver ingestion. This will prevent skin discoloration from worsening and the development of kidney, liver, and neurologic problems.4 The FDA warning of 16 years ago should also be reiterated. It is possible that colloidal silver could be added to the Unapproved Drugs Initiative.

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When the silver particles come into contact moisture, such body fluids, they release silverions.

They often do. Many of the claims made are more indirect than direct. For example, colloidal silver may boost immunity and prevent you from getting sick. Some manufacturers will suggest that their supplements have antibiotic-like properties, but they are not as subtle.

Since ancient times, silver has been a preferred defense against infection. Pliny, the Elder, reported in AD78 that silver slag (the gunk from smelting of silver) "has healing properties as a component in plasters." Cyrus, the Great, who ruled Persia between 550 and 529 BC, kept his health by only drinking boiled water in silver flagons. Herodotus claims that King Cyrus was accompanied by mule-drawn wagons carrying silver urns. Silver nitrate was popularized by monks during the Middle Ages to treat burns and ulcers. It is a salt that reacts silver with nitric acids. These were much better than other premodern health tips. Scientists discovered that silver does indeed have germ-fighting capabilities. Scientists have made some assumptions about the mechanism that silver attacks bacteria cells, though it is still not clear. Silver is most toxic for microbes when it's in its ionized state--AG+. This is the same as silver nitrates. It seems to activate important microbial enzymes, and possibly cause problems with DNA replication.

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toenail fungus colloidal silver

Colloid solutions that are commercially available can differ in how they are made and the size of the silver particles.

Colloidal silver products are tiny silver particles suspended within a liquid. They are the same kind of metal used to make jewelry, dental fillings, silverware and other silverware.

The FDA warned that colloidal silver is still available from at least two major online retailers. It is being promoted as a dietary supplement to improve health. has a colloidal silver-containing liquid product that claims it can eliminate toxins, poisons, and fungi from the body and will keep your system's defenses high against viruses and toxins (both quotes from

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It is believed that colloidal silver's effects vary according to the size and form of the silver particles as well as the concentration in a solution (5-6).

Don't be fooled by unsupported claims about health. Colloidal silver is not known to have any health benefits when taken orally, injected or inhaled. It may even cause more harm than good.

On June 13, 2014, searched the term colloidal sulfide to see if it was available. This search returned 2286 different colloidal-silver products. The search was restricted to products that were listed under the health and personal care section, which resulted in 1010 products. This limited the search results to liquid colloidal products. 149 products were found. Only these ingestible liquid coloidal silver products were examined. The search results were sorted according to relevance and not by rating.

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colloidal silver uti reviews

They are believed to be the "biologically activated" part of colloidal Silver that gives it its medicinal qualities (4, 7, 8, 9).

A product such as colloidal silver that is marketed as a diet supplement does not have to be subject to the same regulations. The product can legally be sold as long as it does not make any medical or health claims.

However, colloidal silver was never sold on drugstore shelves. The FDA banned the sale of colloidal silver-containing OTC drugs in 1999. In practice, this means that it is now a supplement to a medication and not a drug.

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The surface area of a large number of small particles is greater than that of a smaller number of larger particles. A solution with more silver nanoparticles and a smaller particle size may release more silver ions.

Scientific evidence doesn’t support colloidal-silver dietary supplements as a treatment for any type of disease or condition.

The colloidal silver solutions proved to be problematic as well. It is difficult to monitor and analyze the amount of silver ionized. Patients don't know how much active or inactive silver they are ingesting. This can render it useless or make it so potent that it causes argyria. The medical establishment abandoned colloidal silver and moved to safer and more efficient uses of silver such as as a wound dressing or an infection-fighting component to joint replacements. Modern colloidal silver products have no antimicrobial properties, and most bacteria was left unaffected (even after six minutes).