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While the size of colloidal silver silver particles can vary, many are tiny enough that they are called "nanoparticles". This is because they are small and inaccessible to the naked eye (11).

This can eventually lead to permanent disfiguring conditions called argyria, where tissues become bluish-gray. First are the gums, then skin, eyes and nails. Myoclonic seizures, fatigue, headaches, and fatigue may also be common.

You should make sure it doesn't interfere with any prescriptions if you decide to give colloidal silver a try. You should seek the advice of a healthcare professional before you apply topical treatment. Do not exceed the recommended dosing levels set forth by the EPA.

Colloidal Silver is a suspension of silver in a liquid. It is an ancient remedy used to treat bacterial and viral infections.

While it is not clear what toxic silver can do to internal organs of the body, animal studies have shown that excessive levels can cause problems with the kidney and liver functions, the central nervous system to malfunction, and stimulate the release calcium from the bones. Although it is not clear how silver affects reproduction and pregnancy, research by the National Toxicology Program indicates that silver does not cause cancer.

over-the-counter drug products containing colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts for internal or external use are not generally recognized as safe and effective and are misbranded...products containing colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts are being marketed for numerous serious disease conditions and FDA is not aware of any substantial scientific evidence that supports the use of over-the-counter colloidal silver or ingredients or silver salts for these disease conditions.4(p44653)

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However, a lesser number of people claim that it can be used to treat Lyme disease and tuberculosis as well as HIV/AIDs.

You should choose colloidal silver products that clearly state the concentration in parts-per-million (ppm) on the label if you are going to purchase one, even if it is for a short-term purpose. Remember that less is more.

The FDA responded in 1999 to widespread use of colloidal Silver as a treatment for many conditions.

true colloidal silver reviews
the silver edge colloidal silver

the silver edge colloidal silver

Recent popularity has been reflected in the claim that it can be used to replace antibiotics, and other medical treatments, for fungal, bacterial, and viral infections.

Even though the FDA has ruled against colloidal silver products, they are still available as dietary supplement. Many are available in liquid form. You can even buy colloidal silver generators that dissolve silver particles in water. There are many options for colloidal silver soaps. These include mouthwashes, eye drops and body lotions.

The controversial treatment of colloidal silver is becoming increasingly popular. This article explains the potential side effects and benefits of colloidal silver.

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It isn't known exactly how colloidal Silver works. Research has shown that colloidal silver attaches with proteins on the cell walls and damages their cell membranes (2-3).

Colloid silver is not safe. It is also not known when silver poisoning may occur. The problem is that silver particles concentrations can vary between brands. Some brands contain as little as 15 parts per Million (ppm), while others have more than 500 ppm. Other factors that can impact the amount of mercury in your body include age, weight, and health.

Stop using colloidal silver immediately if you have any side effects, including nausea and skin discoloration.

the blue man colloidal silver
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the best colloidal silver

Before antibiotics were created, colloidal silver was used to treat various illnesses and infections.

Colloidal silver can interact with many medications. It is possible for side effects to be increased, decreased effectiveness or impaired liver function. These interactions could occur:

Silver has been used for medicinal purposes since the eighth century ce. It is still being used today. The skin discoloration caused by argyria is not well understood.

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Colloidal silver can be taken orally, or placed on a cut.

Few colloidal silver products, unlike vitamin supplements, are submitted for evaluation by an independent certification authority such as the U. S. Pharmacopeia, ConsumerLab or NSF International. The consumer may not be able to tell what the product is made of or its safety.

Although there is no cure for Argyria (or any other form of argyria), there are some things you can do.