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colloidal silver while breastfeeding

A liquid tincture is the most common form of colloidal-silver. It can be found in many health food stores. It can also be purchased as a powder that you can apply to your skin. Some people make their colloidal silver themselves using a special machine at home.

The highest risk of developing argyria is if you take a silver-containing supplement or work in an environment that contains large amounts of Silver.

Colloidal silver is not recommended for pregnant women because it can cause developmental abnormalities within the fetus (1).

According to the EPA, your daily exposure to silver -- oral, topical, or environmental -- should not exceed 5 micrograms for every kilogram.

Argyria occurs when the skin becomes blue-gray from a buildup silver metal particles. Silver deposits may also form in the liver, kidneys, liver and other organs (16).

It is believed to be an effective treatment for all kinds of infections and disease, including the common cold and cancer.

colloidal silver what is it used for

Cosmetics and some acne treatments include colloidal silver. It can also be used in eye drops that prevent conjunctivitis for newborns.

These particles can easily enter your cells and cross the blood-brain border, so they are considered a possible health risk.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings to companies marketing colloidal silver products that make false claims of treating or preventing the coronavirus infection COVID-19 (15).

colloidal silver what is it used for
what is colloidal silver

what is colloidal silver

Coloidal silver can be used topically, but only in very small amounts.

Nanoparticles may also be present in colloidal products. However, the risks to your health are unknown.

While the size of colloidal silver silver particles can vary, many are tiny enough that they are called "nanoparticles". This is because they are small and inaccessible to the naked eye (11).

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There is no silver vitamin or mineral that naturally occurs in your body. It is not necessary to ensure that you have sufficient silver intake or to do anything to compensate for the lack of it.

Additionally, if you apply it to an open wound frequently, you might experience localized arrythmia (18).

Recent popularity has been reflected in the claim that it can be used to replace antibiotics, and other medical treatments, for fungal, bacterial, and viral infections.

walgreens colloidal silver
colloidal silver wound care

colloidal silver wound care

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the majority of people are already exposed every day to silver in their environment.

Colloid silver can be applied to the skin in a way that is less risky than ingestion. You may however absorb the small particles from your skin (17).

Silver can bind to proteins and is unstable in suspension. Silver compounds are hemisilver-sulfides, which can inactivate enzymes. Silver can also bind amino, carboxyl and phosphate groups (1). Silver is found to accumulate in the livers of rats, and it binds with different tissues and basal cells. It also affects activities of glutathione and lactate peroxidase as well as the peroxidation and metabolism of membrane lipids ((4)).

colloidal silver while pregnant

Colloidal silver is an example of anecdotal information that is very different from scientific research. Keep in mind that oral colloidal sodium is not a product that is regulated by FDA.

To develop argyria it is believed that you would have to consume silver compounds over a longer period of time. It is not known how much and for what time you would be at risk (16).

Before antibiotics were created, colloidal silver was used to treat various illnesses and infections.