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However, colloidal silver solutions are also problematic. It is very difficult to measure or control how much silver has been ionized. Therefore, patients don't have any way to know how much active-silver they're applying or ingesting. Medical professionals abandoned colloidal sodium and switched to safer and better uses for silver, such wound dressings, joint replacements, or as an antibiotic. Recent testing of modern colloidal-silver products revealed that they did not have any significant antimicrobial property and that most bacteria survived (even after just six minutes).

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But, colloidal silver products may cause serious side effects if they aren't standardized.

Concerningly, colloidal silver solution can be found as a personal or health product. The availability of colloidal silver solution can be obtained easily through an online marketplace. Additionally, consumers can be influenced and influenced by product reviews. It is crucial that patients have information on their medical history, including details about dietary supplements and over-the-counter medication. Argyria is the most common side effect of long-term ingestion of colloidal silver. Recommending patients to stop using colloidal sulfide can prevent the worsening of skin color and the development renal, hepatic and neurologic problems that have been associated with long-term ingestion.4 Additionally, FDA warned 16 years ago and should be reviewed. The FDA's Unapproved Drugs Initiative should consider adding colloidal sulfide to its list. Because it is a safety risk and has not been proven to be effective,

Is it possible to strengthen your immune system with colloidal silver? Are you unsure if it is safe to use everyday? Keep reading if you're considering using colloidal silver.

We don't know the exact mechanism of colloidal silver. Silver can be thought to bind to bacteria cells and cause damage to their DNA. This could lead them all dying.

colloidal silver and antibiotics

Silver has been used as a defense against infection since antiquity. Pliny the Elder stated in AD 78, that silver slag was the leftover from the smelting process of silver. Cyrus the Great who ruled Persia from 529 BC to 550 BC, used silver flagons to keep his body healthy. Herodotus says that King Cyrus traveled with mule-drawn carts loaded with silver urns. Monks promoted silver nitrate (a salt made by reacting silver and nitric acid) to treat burns. These were actually quite good health tips relative to other premodern ones. After all, scientists have discovered that silver has germ-fighting properties. Although scientists don't know the exact mechanism, they have some ideas. Silver is most toxic to microbes when it is in its ionized form, AG+. This is similar to silver nitrate salts. It appears to deactivate important enzymes and possibly screw up DNA replication.

According to the National Institutes of Health, colloidal silver can be harmful for long-term health. It doesn't increase immunity or promote healing.

This has resulted in its use in some healthcare products such as wound creams, dressings, and medical equipment (7-11).

colloidal silver and antibiotics
colloidal silver and sore throat

colloidal silver and sore throat

Twenty-four different liquids that contain colloidal silver were listed first on the search results page. Products on the first page had to have at least 10 customer reviews. These criteria produced 12 colloidal silver products that combined had 606 customer reviews (mean 50.5 reviewers per item). The average consumer rating for these 12 products was 4.38, with a maximum rating of 5 stars.

Colloidal Silver is a commercially-available product that contains microscopic flakes pure silver. The flakes are typically suspended in demineralized liquid or another liquid. This form of flakes is for oral use.

Colloid solutions that are commercially available can differ in how they are made and the size of the silver particles.

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Although the FDA has warned, colloidal Silver is still readily available at least 2 major online retailers. The product is being sold as a dietary supplement that improves health.'s product description for an ingestible liquid product containing coloidal silver claims that it can "eliminate toxins poisons and fungi in your body" as well as "keep your system’s defenses against toxins or viruses high" (both from

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When the silver particles come into contact moisture, such body fluids, they release silverions.

colloidal silver and antibiotics together
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The term colloidal-silver was searched on to determine if there is any colloidal solution available. This search was conducted on June 13, 2014. There were 2286 different colloidal products that were found in the search results. The products found in the health- and personal care category yielded 1010 unique products. The search result was then restricted to liquid colloidal-silver products. These products yielded 149 products. Only these ingestible liquid colloidal-silver products were analysed. The search results were sorted based on relevance and not rating.

In 1999, and again ten years later, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), issued a press release saying that there was no evidence of a clear benefit to colloidal silver for health. Instead, evidence suggests that there are risks associated with colloidal silver.

They are believed to be the "biologically activated" part of colloidal Silver that gives it its medicinal qualities (4, 7, 8, 9).

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over-the-counter drug products containing colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts for internal or external use are not generally recognized as safe and effective and are misbranded...products containing colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts are being marketed for numerous serious disease conditions and FDA is not aware of any substantial scientific evidence that supports the use of over-the-counter colloidal silver or ingredients or silver salts for these disease conditions.4(p44653)

Colloidal silver is often used as an antibacterial agent, and as a topical dressing for wounds. Many claim that colloidal silver can be used to treat colds quicker, heal wounds better, and even cure HIV.

The risks involved in ingesting coloidal silver have been deemed unacceptable (12).