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An Iranian study in 2018 concluded that silver nanoparticles applied topically to skin can reduce inflammation and speed skin growth.

While there is no cure, there are ways to stop argyria from happening or prevent it from getting worse.

Consider the risks and inconsistencies of using colloidal silver products.

Apart from potential health risks, colloidal silver has been shown to interact with several medications. This can lead to side effects or a reduction in effectiveness. Some possible interactions are:

A popular, but controversial, alternative treatment is colloidal silver. This article will discuss its possible benefits and side effects.

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There may not be any side effects for people who use colloidal silver. Because colloidal silver particles accumulate over time and embed themselves in tissue and organs, including the skin, the concerns are greater.

Coloidal silver can be used to treat a variety of conditions. With guidance from a healthcare professional, you might consider topical use. The EPA recommends that you not exceed the recommended dosage.

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youtube how to make colloidal silver
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youtube colloidal silver

It is unknown what level of toxicity silver has on internal organs. However, animal studies have shown excessive amounts can affect kidney function and liver function, cause damage to the central nervous systems, and trigger the release of calcium from bones. The National Toxicology Program has published research that suggests silver is safe for reproduction and pregnancy.

Companies that claim colloidal-silver is a miracle cure to HIV and cancer are not proving it. There are many safe options to keep healthy, avoid disease, and get better from illness.

Additionally, if you apply it to an open wound frequently, you might experience localized arrythmia (18).

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This indicates that silver-containing products may be useful for short-term topical treatment.

Coloidal silver should be stopped immediately if you experience any side effects such as nausea, skin discoloration, or other symptoms.

Colloid silver can be applied to the skin in a way that is less risky than ingestion. You may however absorb the small particles from your skin (17).

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youtube nebulizing colloidal silver

There is no safe amount of colloidal silver. Silver toxicity can also occur at any time. One problem is the fact that the amount of silver particles in different brands can be very different. Some products contain less than 15 parts per million (ppm), while some others have over 500 ppm. The factors that influence the level of toxins in your body are age, weight, health status, and gender.

Colloidal silver is an example of anecdotal information that is very different from scientific research. Keep in mind that oral colloidal sodium is not a product that is regulated by FDA.

Because colloidal silver products have a wide range of compositions, their effects could vary.

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The condition argyria can become permanent and disfiguring over time. This is when tissues turn bluish-gray. The first to be affected are the gums. Next, the skin, eyes, nails and deeper tissues layers. Other symptoms include headaches, fatigue, myoclonic seizures and headache.

A liquid tincture is the most common form of colloidal-silver. It can be found in many health food stores. It can also be purchased as a powder that you can apply to your skin. Some people make their colloidal silver themselves using a special machine at home.

The risk of developing a condition called "argyria" from ingestion of colloidal silver is high. Also, consuming silver nanoparticles in colloidal-silver solutions is considered risky.