Colloidal Silver Drug Interactions

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Although silver toxicity can be rare, it can build up over several months or even years. Research from Imperial College in London shows that this can cause severe disfigurement and possibly harmful deposits in the liver.

There is no silver vitamin or mineral that naturally occurs in your body. It is not necessary to ensure that you have sufficient silver intake or to do anything to compensate for the lack of it.

Nanoparticles may also be present in colloidal products. However, the risks to your health are unknown.

Colloid silver manufacturers often claim that their products stimulate the immune system, and aid in healing the body. According to the manufacturers of colloidal silver, it can help with wound healing, skin disorders, and prevent or treat diseases such a flu, pneumonia and eye infections.

Topical colloidal Silver products claim to be antimicrobial and germ-fighting agents. One clinical study suggests that this claim might be questionable. Studies that incorporate silver nanoparticles into wound dressings and bandages show promise.

To develop argyria it is believed that you would have to consume silver compounds over a longer period of time. It is not known how much and for what time you would be at risk (16).

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Many of these claims were supported by test tube experiments in which colloidal sulfide has been found to have powerful antibacterial, viral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. However, the study does not reveal what happens outside the test tube.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the majority of people are already exposed every day to silver in their environment.

These particles can easily enter your cells and cross the blood-brain border, so they are considered a possible health risk.

colloidal silver yeast infection dogs
colloidal silver youngevity

colloidal silver youngevity

Silver is not an essential mineral for the human body. It is not an important mineral and has no biological function.

According to the EPA, your daily exposure to silver -- oral, topical, or environmental -- should not exceed 5 micrograms for every kilogram.

Argyria occurs when the skin becomes blue-gray from a buildup silver metal particles. Silver deposits may also form in the liver, kidneys, liver and other organs (16).

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Silver has many health benefits, but that is not to say it doesn't have any. Colloid silver can be used topically (on skin) to prevent infection and aid in healing.

Cosmetics and some acne treatments include colloidal silver. It can also be used in eye drops that prevent conjunctivitis for newborns.

However, it is not known if silver nanoparticles pose any health or environmental risks. Therefore, colloidal Silver is considered to be unsafe.

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colloidal silver yellow

Colloid silver can be toxic if it is ingested. In rare cases, it can even cause death. It is not clear that silver can be internalized with the same antimicrobial effects.

Also, colloidal silver has been shown to improve the healing of skin wounds. According to a 2007 study by the University of California, San Francisco, silver-containing wound dressings have a higher effectiveness in preventing infection than similar products.

The highest risk of developing argyria is if you take a silver-containing supplement or work in an environment that contains large amounts of Silver.

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Many studies have looked at the effect of silver-containing dressings for skin wounds and ulcers. Many studies found that silver particles have antibacterial properties, which can help with the treatment of skin ulcers, diabetic ulcers as well as skin grafts, bed sores and necrotizing fasciitis.

Coloidal silver can be used topically, but only in very small amounts.

It's found in very small quantities in your drinking water, food supply, and even the air that you breathe.