Colloidal Silver is a great example of anecdotal research that is significantly different from scientific research. The FDA has not approved oral colloidal silver as a medical product.

The risk of ingesting colloidal sodium is lower than that of applying it to your skin. These nanoparticles can be absorbed by your skin (17).

Although silver particles found in colloidal gold can be of different sizes, some are so small that they are called nanoparticles. These particles are smaller than 100 nanometers in size and therefore invisible to naked eyes (1).

It is not a mineral or vitamin that naturally occurs in the human body. There is no need to supplement your silver intake with any other vitamins or minerals.

There are many different types of colloidal-silver products, so the effects they have can differ greatly.

The advocates of it claim it is an effective treatment for all types and degrees of infection and diseases, including the common flu and cancer.

colloidal silver 4 month old

If you are interested in trying colloidal gold, make sure to check that it does not interact with your prescriptions. A healthcare professional can provide guidance on topical application. Never exceed the dosing guidelines set forth by EPA.

In order to develop an argyria condition, it would be necessary to consume silver compounds over a lengthy period. But, it isn't clear how many and when you might be at risk (16).

Some people believe it can also be used to treat Lyme disease, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDs and other illnesses.

colloidal silver 4 month old
colloidal silver 40 ppm

colloidal silver 40 ppm

A dosing guide chart from the EPA states that your daily silver exposure, whether oral, topical or environmental, should not exceed 5 mg per kilogram.

You are at risk for developing an illness called argyria if you consume colloidal silver. Coloidal silver solutions may contain silver nanoparticles. This is another risky option.

Before the invention of antibiotics, colloidal Silver was used as an all-purpose cure for various ailments and infections.

3 types of colloidal silver

Most commonly, colloidal silver is sold in liquid tinctures. Most health food shops carry it. It can also come as a powder you can use on your skin. You can even make your own colloidal Silver at home with a special machine.

Furthermore, if the silver buildup in the tissue surrounding an open wound is frequent, localized argyria may occur (18).

It has enjoyed a revival of popularity in recent years, with some suggesting that it can replace antibiotics or any other medical therapies for treating bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

3 types of colloidal silver
30 ppm colloidal silver south africa

30 ppm colloidal silver south africa

Colloid silver has been claimed to be a miracle cure for HIV and cancer by companies without any clinical evidence. There are many other safe options available for staying healthy, preventing illness, and recovering from it.

There are no known risks associated with ingesting nanoparticles. These may be found in colloidal Silver products.

Coloidal Silver should not be used by pregnant women, as it can cause developmental abnormalities for the fetus (1).

3600 ppm colloidal silver

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), most people have already been exposed to silver every single day.

These particles are considered a health risk because they can more easily get into your cells and possibly cross over the blood-brain boundary.

Colloidal silver refers to a suspension of small silver particles suspended in liquid. It's an ancient remedy, used to treat bacterial viral and fungal infections.