Colloidal Silver Ear Infection

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The risk of ingesting colloidal sodium is lower than that of applying it to your skin. These nanoparticles can be absorbed by your skin (17).

Colloidal Silver is believed to have broad antibacterial, antiseptic properties when used orally or on a wound.

Many colloidal-silver products are not submitted to an independent certifying agency like the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), ConsumerLab or NSF International. This means that the consumer is often unaware of the contents and safety of the product.

Furthermore, if the silver buildup in the tissue surrounding an open wound is frequent, localized argyria may occur (18).

It's not clear how colloidal gold works. Research suggests that colloidal Silver attaches itself to bacteria cell walls and causes damage (2, 3, 4, 5).

The condition argyria can become permanent and disfiguring over time. This is when tissues turn bluish-gray. The first to be affected are the gums. Next, the skin, eyes, nails and deeper tissues layers. Other symptoms include headaches, fatigue, myoclonic seizures and headache.

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It is not a wise idea to use colloidal silver products due to its risks and unproven benefits.

Colloidal silver refers to a suspension of small silver particles suspended in liquid. It's an ancient remedy, used to treat bacterial viral and fungal infections.

The FDA ruling does not affect the availability of colloidal-silver products as dietary supplements. Most of these products are sold in liquid form. Colloidal silver generators can be purchased that allow you to diffuse silver particles into your water. You can also find colloidal silver soaps, nasal sprays, body lotions and eye drops, as well as mouthwash, lip balms, eye drops, mouthwash, body lotions, lozenges and body creams.

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20 ppm colloidal silver dosage

20 ppm colloidal silver dosage

These particles are considered a health risk because they can more easily get into your cells and possibly cross over the blood-brain boundary.

It has enjoyed a revival of popularity in recent years, with some suggesting that it can replace antibiotics or any other medical therapies for treating bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

There is no safe amount of colloidal silver. Silver toxicity can also occur at any time. One problem is the fact that the amount of silver particles in different brands can be very different. Some products contain less than 15 parts per million (ppm), while some others have over 500 ppm. The factors that influence the level of toxins in your body are age, weight, health status, and gender.

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There are many different types of colloidal-silver products, so the effects they have can differ greatly.

Some people believe it can also be used to treat Lyme disease, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDs and other illnesses.

It is unknown what level of toxicity silver has on internal organs. However, animal studies have shown excessive amounts can affect kidney function and liver function, cause damage to the central nervous systems, and trigger the release of calcium from bones. The National Toxicology Program has published research that suggests silver is safe for reproduction and pregnancy.

colloidal silver 20 ppm benefits
250 ppm colloidal silver dosage chart

250 ppm colloidal silver dosage chart

You are at risk for developing an illness called argyria if you consume colloidal silver. Coloidal silver solutions may contain silver nanoparticles. This is another risky option.

Although silver particles found in colloidal gold can be of different sizes, some are so small that they are called nanoparticles. These particles are smaller than 100 nanometers in size and therefore invisible to naked eyes (1).

Apart from potential health risks, colloidal silver has been shown to interact with several medications. This can lead to side effects or a reduction in effectiveness. Some possible interactions are:

250 ppm colloidal silver

It is possible to naturally normalize an overactive bladder by avoiding artificial sweeteners or caffeine, losing weight, performing...

Before the invention of antibiotics, colloidal Silver was used as an all-purpose cure for various ailments and infections.

Colloid silver products should be purchased for short-term use only. Look out for labels that clearly show the concentration in parts per Million (ppm). Remember, less is more.