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The colloidal silver solution is small silver particles suspended inside a liquid. This product has been promoted as a way to treat a variety of health conditions. The majority of colloidal silver is taken orally. But, some products can also be sprayed or injected directly into a vein.

Colloid silver can prevent you from receiving an antibiotic for a serious bacterial infection. This means you would feel sicker longer if silver is taken.

It is found in very low levels in water, food supply, and even your airway.

Gwyneth Patrow was invited to Dr. Oz's 2013 program to talk about how her family keeps themselves and their health happy. Colloidal silver was one the four wellness tips she shared. She stated that she uses it to protect herself from viruses and sprays it on her tongue. Oz agreed. He apparently forgot the blue man that he once doubted. Oz said to Paltrow that colloidal silver is his daily throat spray. His children also use it. He explained that this was his first antibiotic.

Topical colloidal products containing silver claim to be antimicrobials and germ-fighting. A clinical study has shown that this claim may not be true. Silver nanoparticles can be incorporated into dressings for wounds and bandages in other studies.

Additionally, there have been no studies on the effects of colloidal Silver ingestion on fungal infections in humans.

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The manufacturers of colloidal gold often claim that their products have the ability to stimulate the immune and heal the body. Supporters believe the supplement can improve wound healing, treat skin conditions, and even prevent or treat disease such as the flu, herpes and eye infections.

Colloidal silver can be used as an alternative to flu and cold medications by pregnant and nursing women. However, no clinical trial has proven that colloidal sodium is safe for infants. It is not safe for people to recommend things that haven't been tested.

At this time, there is not much evidence to support the claim of colloidal silver as a reliable antifungal topical agent.

colloidal silver 500 ppm uses
colloidal silver 500 ppm amazon

colloidal silver 500 ppm amazon

Many colloidal products containing silver were removed from drugstore shelves in response to the FDA ruling. Since then, they have been rebranded as homeopathic remedies or dietary supplements. FDA approval is not required for any of these.

The skin can reap the benefits of silver-containing creams. There are several health benefits to topical silver.

However, silver nanoparticles' environmental and health effects are still not fully understood. Ingestion of colloidal silver is therefore considered dangerous.

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Although colloidal-silver claims may suggest otherwise, it has no known function within the body. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in 1999, ruled that these colloidal products were not safe and effective and sued several manufacturers for making false claims about their health.

Agyria doesn't have a reversible effect. Argyria in itself isn’t dangerous and is classified as "medically benign." Skin discoloration is not something that should be welcomed.

Colloidal Silver is said to have antibacterial properties. However, colloidal silver is not currently known to have any health benefits.

colloidal silver 500 ppm vs 10 ppm
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colloidal silver 50ppm nz

Silver was touted to be a cure all for everything including arthritis, tuberculosis, and herpes. Many alternative practitioners still believe that colloidal sterling has health benefits. This includes supporting immune function, preventing and treating serious infections, and even restoring normal blood flow.

Some drugs may not be absorbed by your body because of the interference caused by colloidal sodium. These drugs include antibiotics, and thyroid deficiency medicine.

But many things can kill fungal organisms in a laboratory. This doesn't mean colloidal silver can treat them in the home.

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Many of these claims are supported by test tube studies, in which colloidal gold has been shown to exert powerful antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal effects. But the results of these studies are not representative of what happens in the real world.

Colloidal silver can also promote healing of skin cuts. According to a 2007 study that looked at similar products, silver-containing dressings were more effective in protecting against infection.

The effects of colloidal Silver on viruses has not been studied in any study.