Colloidal Silver For Burns

colloidal silver cream for skin

Colloidal silver has been promoted as an antibacterial agent and as a top-of-the-line wound dressing. Some claim that it can help to cure a cold faster and heal the body more effectively.

It's not known how colloidal sterling works. However, silver is thought to bind directly to bacterial cells, which can cause DNA damage and cell death.

Silver is absorbed through the mouth and builds up in your system. Over time, silver can build up in the body, causing a blue-gray color to your skin, eyelids, and nails. Doctors call it argyria. It's often permanent. However, in rare instances, severe side effects can result from high doses colloidal silver, including seizures and organ damage.

But, in 1999 (and again ten years later), FDA issued a statement stating that no evidence was available to show that colloidal Silver has a health benefit. There is evidence that colloidal Silver has some health risks.

Silver ions can be released from silver particles when they come in contact of moisture, such as bodily fluids.

Do not believe any unsupported health claims. Colloidal silver, whether ingested or injected, has no known health benefit and can cause more harm that good.

colloidal silver cream for wounds

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However, it is worth noting that some colloidal Silver products may have side effects.

However, no solid scientific studies of these claims regarding health have been published by reputable medical journals. The Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration of the USA have taken action against several companies who make unproven health statements.

colloidal silver cream for wounds
colloidal silver cough drops

colloidal silver cough drops

Colloidal or dissolved silver is a product that has microscopic flakes made from pure silver. The flakes are often suspended in demineralized waters or another liquid. This form can be taken orally.

This has allowed for its use in some healthcare items, like wound dressings and medical equipment (7-11).

Scientific evidence doesn’t support the use dietary supplements of colloidal Silver for any disease or condition.

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A greater number of small particles has more surface area than a lower amount of large particles. This means that a solution that has more silver nanoparticles may release more ions.

Manufacturers selling colloidal-silver supplements often tout their products as being able to boost the immune response, fight infection, and treat any type of cancer.

colloidal silver chapstick
colloidal silver conditioner

colloidal silver conditioner

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The commercially available colloidal solution can differ greatly in the manner they are manufactured and the size of silver particles.

Colloidal products made from tiny silver particles suspended inside a liquid are similar to the type of silver used in jewelry, silverware, and dental fillings.

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But will colloidal-silver really boost your immune systems? Is it safe to consume every day? Keep reading if you're considering using colloidal silver.

They are the "biologicallyactive" component of colloidal silver that gives it its medicinal properties (4-7-8).

Supplements containing coloidal silver are not considered safe and effective for any health claims they make. Silver has no known use in the body. It isn't an essential mineral.