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It's not known how colloidal sterling works. However, silver is thought to bind directly to bacterial cells, which can cause DNA damage and cell death.

Manufacturers selling colloidal-silver supplements often tout their products as being able to boost the immune response, fight infection, and treat any type of cancer.

Even so colloidal silver has remained on the shelves of drugstores. The FDA declared in 1999 that colloidal-silver-containing over-the counter products were "misbranded and not generally recognized as safe," thus banning their sale as an OTC medication. However, in practice this simply means it sits on another shelf at the pharmacy as a supplement rather than a prescription.

The commercially available colloidal solution can differ greatly in the manner they are manufactured and the size of silver particles.

Colloidal gold may also interact avec prescription medicines, including penicillamines (Cuprimine, Depen), penicillins (quinolones), tetracycline (Unithroid), Levoxyl and Synthroid).

Silver was touted to be a cure all for everything including arthritis, tuberculosis, and herpes. Many alternative practitioners still believe that colloidal sterling has health benefits. This includes supporting immune function, preventing and treating serious infections, and even restoring normal blood flow.

Colloidal Silver Spray Uses

However, it is worth noting that some colloidal Silver products may have side effects.

Colloidal products made from tiny silver particles suspended inside a liquid are similar to the type of silver used in jewelry, silverware, and dental fillings.

Blossom--who follows a different media plan--also keeps colloidal sterling on hand. She uses it mostly for cutting and scraping herself and her dog. "It works incredibly quickly and effectively," she said. "I've used it for years." Javier also believes that her best health care is to not heed FDA warnings, but rather to follow her instincts and research. Blossom claims that she does not believe what the FDA has to say, or what the medical community generally believes. "I don’t think they’re pure in their intentions."

Colloidal Silver Spray Uses
True Colloidal Silver

True Colloidal Silver

Coloidal silver has not been used as an antibacterial treatment because of the possible side effects (12).

However, no solid scientific studies of these claims regarding health have been published by reputable medical journals. The Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration of the USA have taken action against several companies who make unproven health statements.

Problematic were the colloidal-silver solutions. It's difficult to determine how much silver is being ionized. A patient doesn't know how much active, or even how potent, it is. So the medical community abandoned colloidal-silver and began to use safer, more effective silver applications, like in wound dressings or as an anti-infection additive for joint replacements. Modern colloidal products with silver have shown no evidence of antimicrobial activity and leave most bacteria unaffected (even after only six minutes).

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This has allowed for its use in some healthcare items, like wound dressings and medical equipment (7-11).

Supplements containing coloidal silver are not considered safe and effective for any health claims they make. Silver has no known use in the body. It isn't an essential mineral.

Since anti-infection days, silver has been a favorite defense. Pliny The Elder reported that silver-slag, the leftover gunk from smelting sterling, "has healing qualities as an ingredient in plasters," and Cyrus I, king of Persia, from 550 to 529 BC, only drank boiled water kept in silver flagons. Herodotus said that mule-drawn carts with silver urns were used to follow King Cyrus wherever he went. Silver nitrate, which is a salt of silver and nitric Acid, was popularized by monks in the Middle Ages for treating burns and ulcers. These were not as good as other health tips. However, scientists found that silver does have germ-fighting powers. Although the exact mechanism of attack on bacterial cells is not yet known, scientists do have some suggestions. Silver is most toxic in its ionized version--AG+--which is also found in silver nitrates. This seems to cause important microbial enzymes to be deactivated and could potentially interfere with DNA replication.

Colloidal Silver Plus
Nano Colloidal Silver

Nano Colloidal Silver

They are the "biologicallyactive" component of colloidal silver that gives it its medicinal properties (4-7-8).

Colloidal Silver might reduce the body's ability absorb tetracycline. Coloidal silver can decrease the effectiveness tetracycline-antibiotics. Use colloidal gold two to four hours before or after taking any tetracyclines. Declomycin (Declomycin), minocycline [Minocin] and tetracycline (“Achromycin”) are all examples of tetracyclines.

Gwyneth Patrow was invited to Dr. Oz's 2013 program to talk about how her family keeps themselves and their health happy. Colloidal silver was one the four wellness tips she shared. She stated that she uses it to protect herself from viruses and sprays it on her tongue. Oz agreed. He apparently forgot the blue man that he once doubted. Oz said to Paltrow that colloidal silver is his daily throat spray. His children also use it. He explained that this was his first antibiotic.

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Research has shown that different types silver nanoparticles may be more effective at killing viruses (13).

Silver is absorbed through the mouth and builds up in your system. Over time, silver can build up in the body, causing a blue-gray color to your skin, eyelids, and nails. Doctors call it argyria. It's often permanent. However, in rare instances, severe side effects can result from high doses colloidal silver, including seizures and organ damage.

The colloidal silver solution is small silver particles suspended inside a liquid. This product has been promoted as a way to treat a variety of health conditions. The majority of colloidal silver is taken orally. But, some products can also be sprayed or injected directly into a vein.