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What is colloidal silver used for

It has seen a revival in its popularity. Some claim it can replace antibiotics.

Although the exact effects of silver toxicity on the internal organs are not known, animal studies show that high levels can disrupt kidney and liver function, instigate calcium release from bones, and damage the central nervous and central nervous systems. Research by the National Toxicology Program shows that silver does NOT cause cancer.

Most commonly, colloidal silver is sold in liquid tinctures. Most health food shops carry it. It can also come as a powder you can use on your skin. You can even make your own colloidal Silver at home with a special machine.

It is claimed to be effective in treating all types of diseases and infections, including the common sore throat and even cancer.

It can cause permanent, disfiguring, and sometimes fatal condition, argyria. In which tissues develop a bluish gray discoloration, it is called. The most affected areas are typically the gums. They are followed by the skin and deep tissue layers, as well as the eyes, skin, nails, and skin. You may also experience headaches, fatigue and myoclonic seizure.

You should stop using colloidal Silver immediately if there are any side effects like nausea or skin discoloration.

Colloidal silver reviews

The suspension form of silver is unstable and it can bind protein. Silver compounds make hemisilver silver sulfides with sulfuryl groups, which leads to inactivation. Silver is also capable of binding amino, carboxyl phosphate, phosphate, or imidazole groups (1). Studies have shown silver accumulates in the liver of rats. It also binds to basal membranes and tissues. It can also influence the activities, glutathione oxidase (Lauttate Dehydrogenase), and membrane lipid peroxidation ((4).

There is no safe level of colloidal Silver. It is unknown at what point silver toxicities may occur. It is possible for the silver particle concentration to vary among brands. Some have as low as 15 parts of million (ppm), others more than 500. A lot of factors can play a role in this matter, including age, weight and health status.

If you are interested in trying colloidal gold, make sure to check that it does not interact with your prescriptions. A healthcare professional can provide guidance on topical application. Never exceed the dosing guidelines set forth by EPA.

Colloidal silver reviews
making colloidal silver with 9 volt batteries

making colloidal silver with 9 volt batteries

Coloidal silver can cause developmental abnormalities in the foetus, so pregnant women should avoid it (1)

Colloidal silver use may not cause side effects. Concerns are more related to long-term effects of colloidal Silver use, which slowly accumulates in tissues and organs, especially the skin.

Colloid silver has been claimed to be a miracle cure for HIV and cancer by companies without any clinical evidence. There are many other safe options available for staying healthy, preventing illness, and recovering from it.

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A smaller number of people also believe that it can help with Lyme disease or tuberculosis.

This suggests that topical, short-term use of silver-containing items has its place in treatment.

One popular alternative treatment for cancer is colloidal-silver. This article discusses the side effects and potential benefits of this therapy.

999 colloidal silver
make colloidal silver with 9v battery

make colloidal silver with 9v battery

Although the size and shape of silver particles in colloidal salt can vary, some of them are small enough to be called nanoparticles. This means they are smaller than 100nm in size, and invisible to the naked eyes (1).

Colloid silver may interact with some medications to increase their effectiveness, side effects, and/or impair liver function. There are several possible interactions:

Colloidal Silver is a great example of anecdotal research that is significantly different from scientific research. The FDA has not approved oral colloidal silver as a medical product.

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Before antibiotics were discovered, colloidal gold was used for several ailments and infections.

A 2018 study by Iran found that topical ointments containing silver nanoparticles were able to reduce the skin's inflammation during healing, and speed up the skin's growth. This was in contrast to placebo.

There is no cure or treatment for argyria. However, there are things that you can do to keep it from getting worse.