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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), estimates that most people are already regularly exposed to silver in their daily environment.

The condition known as Argyria results in skin turning a blue-gray because of a buildup Silver metal particles. Silver deposits can also appear in the liver and kidneys (16).

Silver can make your skin bluish-gray, or gray-black if it is taken long term. It can also cause kidney damage and seizures. Women who are pregnant should not consume colloidal Silver as it can cause harm to their fetus.

Colloidal Silver is also said to aid in healing skin wounds. According to a 2007 research, silver-containing skin dressings offer a greater barrier against infection than other products.

It is also not clear what the actual risks of ingesting nanoparticles found in colloidal gold products are.

It is claimed to be effective in treating all types of diseases and infections, including the common sore throat and even cancer.

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Many cosmetics and skin care products contain colloidal gold. It is often used in eye drops for babies to prevent conjunctivitis.

It is very rare in drinking water, the food supply, or even in the air you inhale.

The suspension form of silver is unstable and it can bind protein. Silver compounds make hemisilver silver sulfides with sulfuryl groups, which leads to inactivation. Silver is also capable of binding amino, carboxyl phosphate, phosphate, or imidazole groups (1). Studies have shown silver accumulates in the liver of rats. It also binds to basal membranes and tissues. It can also influence the activities, glutathione oxidase (Lauttate Dehydrogenase), and membrane lipid peroxidation ((4).

colloidal silver extra strength
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colloidal silver eye

The risk of argyria is minimal as long colloidal silver is only used topically and in low amounts.

However, colloidal and other silver nanoparticles have unknown health and environmental effects. As such, it is dangerous to ingest them.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued warnings to colloidal-silver companies selling products that claim to treat or prevent COVID-19 (15).

colloidal silver eye drops for eye infection

Topical colloidal silver products are claimed to be antimicrobial and germ fighting agents. One clinical study supports this claim. There are other studies that show promise with silver nanoparticles being incorporated in wound dressings.

Your highest risk of getting argyria from silver-containing foods or work that involves a lot of exposure to silver is when you're taking silver-containing food supplements.

One study that examined the effectiveness of colloidal silver nasal sprays for chronic rhinosinusitis relief in recalcitrant patients (14) did not show any benefit. The use of silver compounds in external antiseptic preparations is still a common practice, but there is increasing interest in the colloidal form as an oral treatment. The anti-tumor effects of colloidal silver have been shown in vitro (8) but there is no evidence from humans to support its use. Despite the lack evidence, oral colloidal gold is promoted as a remedy for AIDS, diabetes and cancer. Silver deposition in the skin, mucous membranes and skin can cause an irreversible condition called Argyria. This condition causes bluish-gray pigmentation to gray-black. Other adverse effects include seizures (6). Coloidal silver is not recommended for pregnant women because it can cause developmental abnormalities within the fetus (1).

colloidal silver eye drops for eye infection
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colloidal silver eye drops for dogs

Silver-containing ointments applied to the skin have shown some benefits. Some of the health benefits of applying topical Silver include:

Colloidal silver is believed to possess antibacterial, viral and antifungal qualities. However, evidence is lacking to prove that colloidal sulfide has any of the health benefits.

Coloidal silver can cause developmental abnormalities in the foetus, so pregnant women should avoid it (1)

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Silver is not a vitamin or mineral found in the body naturally. You don't need any extra silver to be healthy.

You would have to consume silver compounds over an extended period of time to develop argyria. Unfortunately, we don't know the exact amounts or time frames that could place you at high risk (16).

Colloidal sodium is made of silver particles suspended inside a liquid. It is often produced using home-made generators. Silver medicines were commonly used to treat epilepsy, gonorrhea and other disorders until the 20th century. However, silver has been replaced by safer therapies in recent decades. It is not an important mineral and it does not perform any physiological function. It can denature protein by binding to reactive groups, and it can activate enzymes by forming hemisilver Sulfides with the sulfhydryl-groups of enzymes (1).