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It is unclear at this point if colloidal gold is a good topical antifungal agent.

Colloidal silver could decrease the amount levothyroxine your body absorbs. Combining levothyroxine and colloidal silver could decrease the effectiveness.

Many of these claims are supported by test tube studies, in which colloidal gold has been shown to exert powerful antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal effects. But the results of these studies are not representative of what happens in the real world.

It is very rare in drinking water, the food supply, or even in the air you inhale.

Coloidal silver cannot cure cancer or AIDS. Intake of too much colloidal sodium can cause skin discoloration or seizures.

Many colloidal products containing silver were removed from drugstore shelves in response to the FDA ruling. Since then, they have been rebranded as homeopathic remedies or dietary supplements. FDA approval is not required for any of these.

colloidal silver in eyes dangerous

Furthermore, there are no studies that have examined the effects of colloidal sulfide on fungal infections in human beings.

Penicillamine has been used to treat Wilson's and rheumatoid joint disease. Colloidal Silver might reduce the amount of penicillamine in your body and make it less effective.

Colloidal silver can be poisonous if swallowed. There is no evidence to suggest that silver retains the same antimicrobial qualities when internally ingested.

colloidal silver in eyes dangerous
colloidal silver argentyn 23

colloidal silver argentyn 23

Colloidal silver is believed to possess antibacterial, viral and antifungal qualities. However, evidence is lacking to prove that colloidal sulfide has any of the health benefits.

Colloidal sodium is a solution that contains tiny silver particles suspended within a liquid. Silver compounds can be applied externally to prevent or treat infections. However, colloidal gold has become a popular alternative medicine. While colloidal silver is being promoted as a remedy for cancer, diabetes, or AIDS, it has not been proven to work in humans. Silver is not required for normal function. Silver can actually cause proteins to be denatured and enzymes to lose their effects.

The human body does not require silver. It's not an indispensable mineral and serves no purpose in biology.

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However, the amount and concentration of nanoparticles within a colloid solution can differ. A recent study revealed that colloidal silver is not effective in killing viruses even in test tube conditions (9).

Colloidal Silver might reduce the amount of antibiotics absorbed by the body. Coloidal silver can decrease the effectiveness some antibiotics. Colloidal silver might interact with several antibiotics including Cipro, enoxacin/Penetrex and Norfloxacin/Chibroxin Noroxin.

The manufacturers of colloidal gold often claim that their products have the ability to stimulate the immune and heal the body. Supporters believe the supplement can improve wound healing, treat skin conditions, and even prevent or treat disease such as the flu, herpes and eye infections.

colloidal silver cures 650 diseases
colloidal silver for covid

colloidal silver for covid

Studies on the effects colloidal-silver consumption on viruses have not been done.

Colloidal sodium is made of silver particles suspended inside a liquid. It is often produced using home-made generators. Silver medicines were commonly used to treat epilepsy, gonorrhea and other disorders until the 20th century. However, silver has been replaced by safer therapies in recent decades. It is not an important mineral and it does not perform any physiological function. It can denature protein by binding to reactive groups, and it can activate enzymes by forming hemisilver Sulfides with the sulfhydryl-groups of enzymes (1).

Silver toxicity is rare but can occur over months and even years. According to research done by Imperial College London, this can lead to severe disfigurement, as well harmful deposits in your liver, spleen and kidneys.

colloidal silver uses skin

However, there are many things that can kill fungi in a laboratory. Colloidal silver cannot treat fungal infections in people.

Silver can make your skin bluish-gray, or gray-black if it is taken long term. It can also cause kidney damage and seizures. Women who are pregnant should not consume colloidal Silver as it can cause harm to their fetus.

Although colloidal-silver claims may suggest otherwise, it has no known function within the body. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in 1999, ruled that these colloidal products were not safe and effective and sued several manufacturers for making false claims about their health.