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They are believed to be the "biologically activated" part of colloidal Silver that gives it its medicinal qualities (4, 7, 8, 9).

A product such as colloidal silver that is marketed as a diet supplement does not have to be subject to the same regulations. The product can legally be sold as long as it does not make any medical or health claims.

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When the silver particles come into contact moisture, such body fluids, they release silverions.

Few colloidal silver products, unlike vitamin supplements, are submitted for evaluation by an independent certification authority such as the U. S. Pharmacopeia, ConsumerLab or NSF International. The consumer may not be able to tell what the product is made of or its safety.

colloidal silver vs colloidal gold

Consider the risks and inconsistencies of using colloidal silver products.

It isn't known exactly how colloidal Silver works. Research has shown that colloidal silver attaches with proteins on the cell walls and damages their cell membranes (2-3).

Supplements containing colloidal gold are not safe or effective to support any health claims that manufacturers make. Silver is not known to have any medical purpose. It's not essential.

colloidal silver vs colloidal gold
vitamin shoppe colloidal silver

vitamin shoppe colloidal silver

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Colloidal silver can be taken orally, or placed on a cut.

Scientific evidence doesn’t support colloidal-silver dietary supplements as a treatment for any type of disease or condition.

colloidal silver vs silver

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This allows silver ions into cells. There they can interfer with bacteria's metabolic processes, and damage their DNA. The cell then dies.

They often do. Many of the claims made are more indirect than direct. For example, colloidal silver may boost immunity and prevent you from getting sick. Some manufacturers will suggest that their supplements have antibiotic-like properties, but they are not as subtle.

colloidal silver vs silver
colloidal silver vs antibiotics

colloidal silver vs antibiotics

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The surface area of a large number of small particles is greater than that of a smaller number of larger particles. A solution with more silver nanoparticles and a smaller particle size may release more silver ions.

Don't be fooled by unsupported claims about health. Colloidal silver is not known to have any health benefits when taken orally, injected or inhaled. It may even cause more harm than good.

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It is believed that colloidal silver's effects vary according to the size and form of the silver particles as well as the concentration in a solution (5-6).

You should choose colloidal silver products that clearly state the concentration in parts-per-million (ppm) on the label if you are going to purchase one, even if it is for a short-term purpose. Remember that less is more.