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Also, colloidal silver has been shown to improve the healing of skin wounds. According to a 2007 study by the University of California, San Francisco, silver-containing wound dressings have a higher effectiveness in preventing infection than similar products.

It is unknown if colloidal silver has any effect on viruses, and there have not been any studies.

Penicillamine is used in the treatment of Wilson's Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Colloidal silver may decrease the amount of penicillamine that your body absorbs, and reduce its effectiveness.

Topical colloidal Silver products claim to be antimicrobial and germ-fighting agents. One clinical study suggests that this claim might be questionable. Studies that incorporate silver nanoparticles into wound dressings and bandages show promise.

Colloidal silver has been claimed to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. But, currently there is no evidence that colloidal Silver has any of these health advantages.

Silver oral long-term can cause the skin to become bluish-gray/gray-black. It can also lead to seizures and kidney damage. It can harm the fetus, so pregnant women should avoid colloidal silver.

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Colloidal silver could prevent an antibiotic from being prescribed for a bacterial infection. This would mean that taking silver could make you feel worse for longer.

The claims that colloidal Silver is a trusted topical antifungal agent are not supported at the moment.

Colloidal Silver is composed of silver particles suspended in liquid. Colloidal silver is often made at home using generators. It was common to use silver medicinals for treating disorders like epilepsy, menorrhea, or colds up until the mid-20th Century. Silver was gradually replaced by safer therapies over the past decade. It is not essential and serves no physiological function. It can cause protein denature by binding to the reactive groups.

vitiligo colloidal silver
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colloidal silver where to buy

Applying silver-containing ointments on the skin has some benefits. The following are some health claims about topical silver:

It's found in very small quantities in your drinking water, food supply, and even the air that you breathe.

Colloidal silver cannot treat cancer, AIDS, and diabetes. Exercising too much colloidal Silver can lead to skin discoloration and seizures as well as kidney damage.

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Colloid silver is not safe for babies in nursing and pregnant women. They are not recommended for use if they haven't been proven safe.

However, it is not known if silver nanoparticles pose any health or environmental risks. Therefore, colloidal Silver is considered to be unsafe.

A small study didn't find any benefits from a colloidal nasal spray for improving chronic rhinosinusitis recalcitrants (14). Silver compounds are still being used as antiseptics in external preparations. However, colloidal silver has been increasingly popular as an oral alternative to traditional medicine. While in vitro studies show antitumor properties (8), no human data supports oral colloidal silver. Despite lacking evidence, it has been promoted as a way to treat AIDS, cancer, and diabetes. The skin and mucous membranes can become silvery, leading to an irreversible condition known as argyria. It is characterised by bluish-gray or gray-black pigmentation. Other adverse effects include seizures (6). Colloidal silver should not be consumed by pregnant women as it can cause developmental abnormalities for the fetus (1).

colloidal silver walmart
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colloidal silver wiki

Agyria cannot be reversed. Argyria, by itself, is not dangerous. It is medically benign. However, skin discoloration can be a side effect.

A number of studies have not been conducted to determine the impact of colloidal silver intake on fungal infections.

Colloidal Silver is a suspension of tiny particles of silver in a liquid. Silver compounds are used externally for the prevention or treatment of infections. But, recently, many people have begun to use colloidal silver as an alternative medication. While it has been promoted as a cure-all for cancer, diabetes and AIDS, there is not enough evidence to prove that it does in humans. The body doesn't need silver for normal functioning. Silver can actually denature proteins and cause many enzymes not to work.

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Your body may also experience problems with the absorption and use of colloidal silver. These include anti-biotics and thyroid deficiency medications.

Although many things can kill fungi, it doesn't necessarily mean that colloidal Silver can treat fungal infections.

Colloidal silver may decrease the amount of levothyroxine that the body absorbs. It is possible for thyroxine to be less effective if taken with colloidal or levothyroxine.