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Colloidal silver is composed of silver particles suspended into a liquid. It is usually made from home-made generators. It was common until the mid-20th-century to use silver medicinals to treat diseases such as epilepsy and gonorrhea. In the last decade, however, safer therapies have taken over silver. It is not an essential metal and does not have any physiological function. It can denature proteins through binding to their reactive bands and can inactivate certain enzymes by creating hemisilver-sulfides that contain sulfhydryl group (1).

Many colloidal-silver products were removed from drugstore shelves after the FDA ruling. They have since been rebranded to dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies.

Applying silver-containing ointments on the skin has some benefits. The following are some health claims about topical silver:

Silver can cause the skin's color to change from bluish-gray to gray-black over time. It can also cause seizures, kidney damage, and even death. Colloidal silver is not recommended for pregnant women as it can have harmful effects on the fetus.

Silver is not an essential mineral for the human body. It is not an important mineral and has no biological function.

Colloid silver is not safe for babies in nursing and pregnant women. They are not recommended for use if they haven't been proven safe.

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Penicillamine may be used for Wilson's syndrome and rheumatoidarthritis. Colloidal silver could decrease the body's ability to absorb penicillamine and lower its effectiveness.

Although silver toxicity can be rare, it can build up over several months or even years. Research from Imperial College in London shows that this can cause severe disfigurement and possibly harmful deposits in the liver.

Topical colloidal Silver products claim to be antimicrobial and germ-fighting agents. One clinical study suggests that this claim might be questionable. Studies that incorporate silver nanoparticles into wound dressings and bandages show promise.

zinc vs colloidal silver
zinc oxide and colloidal silver

zinc oxide and colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is not capable of treating cancer, AIDS, diabetes, or other diseases. Toxic doses of colloidal silver can cause skin pigmentation, seizures, and damage to the kidneys.

Colloid silver manufacturers often claim that their products stimulate the immune system, and aid in healing the body. According to the manufacturers of colloidal silver, it can help with wound healing, skin disorders, and prevent or treat diseases such a flu, pneumonia and eye infections.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the majority of people are already exposed every day to silver in their environment.

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Colloidal silver is made from tiny silver particles suspended in liquid. Silver compounds are used externally in order to prevent or stop infections. However colloidal sodium has recently been popularized by many as an alternative treatment. It has been promoted as a way to cure cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. However, no scientific evidence supports this claim. To function properly, the body does not require silver. Silver can denature proteins and make enzymes less effective.

Colloid silver can be toxic if it is ingested. In rare cases, it can even cause death. It is not clear that silver can be internalized with the same antimicrobial effects.

Cosmetics and some acne treatments include colloidal silver. It can also be used in eye drops that prevent conjunctivitis for newborns.

zynergia colloidal silver
zinc and colloidal silver

zinc and colloidal silver

The amount of levothyroxine absorbed by the body may be decreased by colloidal silver. Colloidal silver and levothyroxine may decrease the effectiveness of thyroxine.

Many of these claims were supported by test tube experiments in which colloidal sulfide has been found to have powerful antibacterial, viral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. However, the study does not reveal what happens outside the test tube.

Coloidal silver can be used topically, but only in very small amounts.

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Colloidal silver may decrease the amount of antibiotics that your body absorbs. The effectiveness of some antibiotics could be decreased if you take colloidal silver with your antibiotics. There are some antibiotics that may interact with colloidal Silver, such as Cipro (Cipro), Penetrex), enoxacin/Penetrex), norfloxacin ("Chibroxin Noroxin"), sparfloxacin ("Zagam") and trovafloxacin ("Trovan")

Colloidal silver does not have any known function in the human body, contrary to claims. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), found that these colloidal-silver products were not safe or effective and sued many manufacturers for making false health claims.

Also, colloidal silver has been shown to improve the healing of skin wounds. According to a 2007 study by the University of California, San Francisco, silver-containing wound dressings have a higher effectiveness in preventing infection than similar products.