Feminine Wash With Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal silver is one example of anecdotal stories that are very different to scientific research. Remember that oral coloidal silver is not a drug that's subject to FDA regulation.

Colloidal silver is more risky than ingesting. The solution may contain very small nanoparticles that you can absorb through your skin (17).

Before antibiotics were discovered, colloidal gold was used for several ailments and infections.

Stop using colloidal gold immediately if side effects occur, such as nausea or skin discoloration.

They pose a risk to your health because these particles may be more easily passed into your cells.

Colloidal sodium is a suspension containing silver particles suspended within a liquid. It is an ancient remedy that was once used for treating fungal, viral, and bacterial infections.

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Liquid tinctures are the most commonly sold form of colloidal silver. It is sold in most grocery stores. It can also purchased in powder form to be applied to the skin. You can make your own colloidal iron at home by using a special machine.

It is possible to experience localized irritation due to the buildup of silver within the surrounding tissues (18).

A smaller number of people also believe that it can help with Lyme disease or tuberculosis.

colloidal silver for pets
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colloidal silver for plants

The claims that colloidal Silver is a miracle cure are made by companies that don't have any clinical evidence. There are many safer options for staying well, preventing diseases, and getting better.

Consuming colloidal sodium can put you at risk of developing a condition known as argyria. The risk of ingesting silver nanoparticles from colloidal silver solutions is also considered dangerous.

Colloidal silver is thought to have broad antibacterial effects, whether it's taken orally and applied to a skin wound.

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There is no cure. But there are things you could do to prevent argyria or make it worse.

Colloid silver products are not recommended due to their potential dangers and lack of benefits.

Although the size and shape of silver particles in colloidal salt can vary, some of them are small enough to be called nanoparticles. This means they are smaller than 100nm in size, and invisible to the naked eyes (1).

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colloidal silver for eyes

If you are considering trying colloidal Silver, be sure to verify that it will not interfere with any prescriptions. Seek advice from a healthcare professional before applying topical to your skin. Never exceed the recommended doses set by the EPA.

As colloidal products made from silver can have different compositions, the effects of these products may vary.

It has seen a revival in its popularity. Some claim it can replace antibiotics.

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A dosing chart by the EPA indicates that your daily oral, topical, and environmental silver exposure should not exceed five micrograms per kilogram.

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It is unclear how colloidal-silver works. Research suggests that colloidal-silver attaches on to the protein cell walls of bacteria and damages their cell membranes (see 2, 3, 4).